I recently helped an older couple that wanted to sell their house fast in Florida. They wanted a smaller apartment that would be less work for them to maintain. They were both in their seventies and wanted a place that was big enough for them to entertain friends and family but small enough to cut down on their maintenance costs.

Decorating the Ideal Apartment

I did several tings to the apartment to ensure that it was comfortable, stylish and safe. I used lots of bright colors throughout their home. This suited their temperament since they are a lively, outgoing couple. I chose combinations of green and yellow that I knew would make it easy for them to comfortably see around their home. I used beautiful wall lights in every room to make sure that these spaces were not only well-lit but also attractive.

Decorating the Ideal Bed Room

Their bedroom looks clean and modern and was done in different tones of blue. By using window treatments that made it easy for light to get into the room, I helped maximize natural daylight. Sturdy, contemporary furniture provides adequate support for them as they move around while complementing the overall look of their bedroom well.

So I recently did a den renovation for a couple that also uses the space as a home office. It was meant to be a surprise for one of them so I had to work quickly. Everything that we were doing had to be completed in less than a day. I had met the husband before and had told him where to get some beautiful custom designed jewelry done. He was doing a necklace as a surprise for his wife then so I guess it was his turn to be amazed. I wanted to do something special for the both of them and discussed my ideas with the wife on the phone a few weeks before I was scheduled to come and get everything done.
Den RenovationTheir den was located just off their family’s living room and when I saw it the first time, I realized that organizing it a little differently would help them to be more productive. Since they both used the space, I decided that investing in a new item of furniture that kept their work separate would deliver a good return on investment. As it was, the floor did not blend well with the furniture that was already in the room so I decided to use laminate flooring to solve that problem.

Their lighting was not sufficient. I decided to give the room a more modern feel with a combination of bloom lights and recessed lighting. They could switch to the bloom lights when they did not need the stronger recessed lighting. A quick change to the walls with some attractive wall paper and the room looked completely different. Both of them also had their own distinct space in the room so they could work without disturbing each other.

Delta Kitchen Faucet

The Delta Kitchen Faucet Review is a single handle system that makes it more convenient to carry out any routine task at your sink. I first encountered this faucet when I was redecorating a country style kitchen for a couple in Orlando. They wanted to switch from the older faucets that they had before, that required turning every time they wanted to use them. They find that flipping a lever to turn their faucet on and off is more convenient for them.

This gives a good rate of flow and comes with a lifetime guarantee on the finish and the faucet. It has a teapot design which still fits well with most country style kitchens, even though it’s a modern tool.

The laundry room is one of those places in the house that you can easily escape to when you need a little alone time. I know that I do it sometimes and when a client asked me to help them make their a more relaxing place, I got excited about all the things that I wanted to do. When I went over to their townhouse to do a visual inspection I noticed a damp patch on the floor. I recognized that we needed assistance from a plumbing professional and called plumbing company right away.

Giving a Laundry Room a New Look

There was even a little mold on the floor that was caused by the leak. Anyway, I knew that fixing the pipe would help them to stop wasting water and improve safety in their laundry room. Their space was fairly cozy and I decided to build on that with the colors and fixtures that I would use. I also wanted artwork in there that would help to relax members of the family whenever they came in to put clothes in the machine.

I used a mold treatment on the floor and then painted the walls and floor with complementary shades. I used a lime green on one wall and a pale eggshell paint of the wall that I planned to use for the artwork. I did the floor with dark green porch paint and completely changed the exterior and interior of the cabinets as well with an antique persimmon shade. I chose a humorous wall decal with text on it that will also inspire everyone who reads it to get to their washing. There’s even a mirror strategically positioned for members of the family to check their appearance and it makes the room look a bit bigger. I’m pleased with the way that it looks now.

The right wall treatments can make a room have more visual appeal without taking attention away from any of its contents. One of my clients has three little kids and her bathroom now looks different from when she first bought her apartment. I’ve done work for her in the past and she always likes to embrace trends in interior design. I knew that my client was working towards keeping costs as low as possible but I didn’t just want to use paint or wall paper to change the way that their bathroom looked.

Plaster Wall Treatments in MiamiI wanted to do something completely new that would make them feel as though they had stepped into another world every time that they went there. I decided to use a plaster treatment to add depth to the room. The team at AtticoConcepts.com helped me with that. I also used glazes on it to give the walls an aged look that will go well with the antique theme that I plan to use in the bathroom.

photive bluetooth speaker
I recently had to recommend a set of Bluetooth speakers to one of my clients. They needed something that could last for hours and had a rechargeable battery. I went with Photive’s speakers because they last up to 8 hours and the batteries are totally rechargeable. They come with a carrying case that make it easy for my clients to take them anywhere and they also have full wireless functionality so there are no messy cords about the place.

The speakers can be used with iPhones, tablets and other mobile devices so they are really flexible. My client plans to have friends over to their place often but they want to be able to host games and barbecues outside so they need to know that they can rely on the speakers to deliver quality sound even without having a connection to an electrical plug. These speakers automatically connect to the last device that you used with them and that is really convenient for my client, who doesn’t like to waste time setting up connections every time they want to hear some good music.

So, the other day one of my regular clients told me that they wanted to change the look of their bedroom completely. They wanted to have a new heating system done and would want new custom closets and French sliding doors as well. I told them that all of that was possible and let them know that I would need to get help from the team at ArmadiClosets.com. They have helped me in the past and they always do an excellent job.

closet in miami
The team at Armadi built a beautiful walk in closet for my client, who just loved the finished product. We put in recessed lighting in the bedroom and used stunning wall decals to create beautiful artwork on one wall of the master bedroom. This gives my client enough light to complete a number of tasks and it makes their personal space still feel relaxing. Their bedroom now looks more contemporary and reflects their personal style.

Hi. Jax here again, giving you tips on deciding when is a good time to fix your roof and do minor repair jobs before you paint your kitchen. So, I went to a client’s house the other day and when I got there I realized that they needed more work done on the structure of their home before I could do any changes to their decor. They spoke to me on the phone and told me that they wanted to re-do their kitchen and fix some of the cupboards in there. When they mentioned fixing the cupboards that made me realize that I would have to get help from some friends of mine.
Roofing in Miami

Of course, things are sometimes not as simple as they seem. When I got there I realized that my client’s roof deck was actually sagging right over their kitchen. I didn’t think that they needed to replace the entire deck. We called my friends over at Miami-Roofing.net and told them that we were having a problem. They came over and in just a few minutes they were able to give my client options for solving the problem. They did all the repairs too.

After their skilled artisans put on the final touches, my team and I got to work with changing the interior of the kitchen. The cupboard repairs were done and we did a color scheme inside the kitchen to match the light wood cabinets. We did a combination of icy blue, white and dove gray. Those shades ensured that the entire look was light and airy. However, the gray helped to hide some of the grease stains that can reach the walls of kitchens. My client is pretty pleased with the way everything was handled and feels like a load was lifted off their shoulders.